Kindermusik with Ellie

Move & Groove class, Fridays 4-5pm, ENROL NOW

In this class your child is engaged in music and movement activities that also promote language, social and emotional skills, early math and early literacy, physical coordination, creativity, and more. Plus, children will learn music vocabulary and notation - all setting the stage for future school success and formal music lessons. Introduction to piano playing and theory are also included. 

What your child will experience in class: (kids participate on their own)

• Small group of 3 students. This class lasts for an hour.

• Singing and vocal development. It may sound like a foreign language when your child sings “ta” and “ti-ti,” but he’s using the language of professional musicians and composers and getting ready to read and write simple rhythm patterns.

• Reading and writing. He’ll learn melodic notation and identify pitches such as the C, A, and D notes on the treble clef, plus rhythmic notation. Eventually he’ll even compose his own music.

Music Awareness. Your child will learn to identify a range of orchestra instruments and their sound qualities, while also gaining an early awareness and knowledge of composers and masterworks in Western arts tradition. Children will also listen to music from different styles and genres. 

• Exploring and playing musical instruments. Authentic percussion, string, piano, and woodwind instruments expose your child to the many choices for future musical study, and at the same time provide your child with the opportunity to musically succeed before taking on more formal instruction. 

Piano playing. Your child will practise the basic musical concepts on the piano i.e.loud & quiet, will learn and play his/her first notes, will learn about different note durations starting with a crotchet note and will identify high & low. 

• Movement. You’ll see your child dance expressively to music, giving him the practice he needs to coordinate his body movements to the sound of music. This kind of musical play not only improves musicianship, but his physical coordination as well.

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