Kindermusik with Ellie

Fridays @1:30pm(3-4 years) 

Each week in class we combine your child's natural love of music,  storytelling and imaginative play with age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts and foster independence, social skills, language growth and self-control. We also connect you with other parents who share in the wonder of parenting a preschooler. Parents can join the class for the final activities. The Kindermusik @HOME digital materials bring the music,  activities, and each month's story everywhere you go. The repetition enhances the learning - and the fun!

What your child will experience in class:

  • Pretend Play. Pretend play activities are integrated with music, vocal development, storytelling, listening, movement and literacy aspects of each class. When based upon a child’s real life experiences, pretend play helps develop language, sensory, motor and cognitive skills.
  • Musical Variety and Singing. Activities include a mixture of musical genres and styles and provide a setting for your child to explore his many voices and to use a “singing voice.” Singing helps with memory and recall, physical development, creativity and socialization.
  • Storytelling and Literacy. Each class is built on the development of a story, so you’ll hear preschoolers search for the word to say what they mean and try to keep up with their busy minds, emerging wants, needs, likes, and dislikes.
  • Self-sufficiency. Preschoolers are learning to be self-sufficient in a group setting of peers, while many times still needing the emotional security provided by a parent. She/He will experience both in Laugh & Learn. Caregivers participate in the last 10minutes of class. Plus the At Home Materials ensures the learning continues at home with your child’s best teacher—you!  

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