Kindermusik with Ellie

The Kindermusik with Ellie Philosophy


There is no right or wrong in our Kindermusik class! The guiding principal for participation in our classes is to follow your child. Get involved with your child in a way that honours and supports his/her enjoyment and learning.  

One of Kindermusik's philosophies is that A GOOD BEGINNING NEVER ENDS! With that in mind, each child's innate musicality is enhanced through singing, movement exploration, instrument-playing, storytelling and more, in a safe and caring environment. Throguh expert-led guidance, children participate in activities which build up their socio-emotional development, respect their individuality and support their self-expression. 


Parents also benefit from the Kindermusik experience! By taking part in the class, Kindermusik gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your child, share experiences in a fun and creative way and strengthen your bonding. 

What a beautiful way for your child to make their first steps in life!       



Kindermusik with Ellie for the School-age Child - Preparatory stage

Kindermusik is a progressive programme and young children who continue Kindermusik class into early school age (4 to 6 yrs) will develop a greater capacity for learning and a lifelong love of music. This is a class for children who are yet not ready for an one-to-one formal instrument tuition. In the Move & Groove class children explore a wide variety of musical styles and genres and the instruments of the orchestra through group ensemble play, music, games, and stories from many cultures. These classes are a musical learning experience that set the stage for future formal music learning. The Piano as an instrument is also introduced along with fundamental musical concepts, notation, vocal development and history of music.


Kindermusik Digital Materials

We are so excited in Kindermusik! With the new digital format parents have access to an array of games, e-books, music, educational materials, recipes, videos and so much more!!! Easy access—available from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer so the learning can happen anywhere at anytime. Add new stories, games, and music! to your family’s expanding library that grows with your child and is specifically designed to reach those early childhood milestones, from birth to 6 years old.