Kindermusik with Ellie

About Ellie

Ellie started piano and ballet at the age of 5, and since then music and dance have become her constant companions in life. Her love for music directed her towards gaining a Piano Performance Diploma while also working as a freelance piano tutor and music educator.  She has obtained a postgraduate degree in MSc Music in the Community (University of Edinburgh) where she gained in-depth knowledge and experience on the benefits that music can have in the wider community, and specifically in children's development. Her enthusiasm for music motivated her desire to also study clarinet and opera singing for a number of years.

During her studies, Ellie was involved in the Music Composition and Performance Studio (held by Prof Alexandros Kalogeras, PhD Harvard), where she co-organised, delivered and participated in lectures on music, concerts and educational projects in primary schools. In these projects children had the chance to learn about music history, become familiar with various musical instruments and participate in music making. She also organized performances offering children the chance to participate in a larger scale project where music and movement were integrated in a complete learning experience. As dance continued to be part of Ellie’s life, she became a member of a professional dance company and or 4 years she travelled and performed around the world, gaining amazing experiences.  She still practises whenever time permits it.

Ellie’s passion for becoming a Kindermusik Educator was driven by her  love for music and movement and her strong belief that these can enhance a child’s development through valuable and exciting integrated learning experiences.

Ellie also works with families and young children  in community centres and libraries, engaging them in music and movement activities forms. Bringing ABC Music & Me (Kindermusik's school programme) to a wider audience as part of her community development work has fulfil a long-term dream of making music and movement accessible to all and use it as a vehicle to bring families together. Since 2014 Ellie has been awarded twice the Kindermusik Maestro Educator in Outreach status for her contribution and hard work in community learning.

I feel so honoured and grateful to receive so much love from children and their parents in my private and communityclasses. I believe each day is a gift and this is what I would like children to experience during our sessions. I am so excited when I see happy families in my classes. Ellie